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  • Carey Tedesco

Why Yes, I Do Have a Crystal Ball.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When it comes to making yearbooks, I have done my time.

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve designed 8 elementary school yearbooks to date! It’s a labor of love. I admit that I put a lot of effort into each book because I’m a perfectionist. (I am a graphic designer after all.) I’ve made some mistakes along the way, but seeing that it’s an unpaid gig every year I forgive myself for the periodic fails.

For those who don’t know, the yearbook requires taking photos at every concert, assembly and PTO event, designing a 68+ page book, organizing book orders and fielding questions from parents. Most of which I really enjoy and don’t mind in the slightest.

I would estimate that I spend somewhere around 100 hours of my personal, unpaid time throughout the school year. Unabashedly, I will tell you that I do it mainly because it’s a gift for my own kids. That I can create a book to capture some of their school memories using my skills as a designer. I also do it because it is so rewarding when kids tell you they look at their yearbook all year long. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster.

I’m known by many kids and parents as “The Yearbook Lady”. I take this as a term of endearment and laugh when I show up to school without my camera and kids are still trying to pose around me or ask “Am I going to be in the yearbook?!”

The most interesting part would be a most recent development. I’m pretty sure I have a new reputation among many of the parents. That of “The Clairvoyant Yearbook Lady”. I believe this because an amazing phenomenon keeps happening to me. (Like 30 times so far this year!) Here’s how it goes down:

I receive an envelope with money inside and scribbled on the front... only the child’s first and last name. Out of 750 students these people (my parent cult) think I can magically determine what grade and which teacher their child has this year.

Let me tell you, over this development I’m shaking as I write this. Holy mother of f#ck?! Do I have a third eye? Checked the mirror and don’t see one — yet! (I’m a growth thinker.)

It’s okay, my cult of parents. Never mind the form I created that was printed and sent home with your kid. The same form that was emailed, posted on facebook as well as our PTO page (twice). The one that was just re-emailed last week and reposted about again on facebook (third time). Because, really, f#ck it. You don’t have time for that sh*t. The Clairvoyant Yearbook Lady will figure it out and she’s got PLENTY of time for that sh*t!

Okay, so while I promise to keep you posted on when my third eye becomes visible (fingers crossed!), I have one other thing to mention. PLEASE don’t bother to learn the name of The Clairvoyant Yearbook Lady. Just f#cking call her Casey. (“Thanks Casey!”) She loves that sh*t.

xo, - Casey

(The Spoon Bending, Tarot Card Reading, Clairvoyant Yearbook Lady at your service.)


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