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Carey Tedesco

I'm a MOM

As a mother of two teenagers, I am currently surviving what can only be described as "hormonal hell". My son is a sweet and empathetic a-typical dude who often refers to himself as "pretty much a gamer, basically." Ev has a dual diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. He is capable of learning the breadth and depths of any subject he is interested in learning about. He amazes me every day with his knowledge. I tell him all the time that it's okay to be different. That does not make you less.


My daughter, Jessica is a PITA. Not only is she ridiculously smart and funny, she is also a smart @ss in training. At an early age she was dubbed a "writer with her own voice". I am often in awe of her vocabulary that surpasses me on a regular basis. (She's only in 7th grade!) I enjoy embarrassing her as much as possible, so I anticipate this blog will do the trick. Hopefully one day she will join me here as a contributor.  


Both of my kids have given me a lot of material throughout the years. Hopefully, they won't want to kill me once they figure out what I'm up to. It's okay, because like any good parent, I will bribe them to keep quiet. 


Which explains why this website looks AWE-SOME right?! Currently I am a freelance a graphic designer based out of Fairfield County, Connecticut. I am a certified smart @ss with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from SUNY New Paltz. You can see my fabulous design portfolio at ct I am available for hire and currently seeking full time employment either remotely or in Fairfield or New Haven counties.

In addition to writing and designing, I love to make fine art. My time in college was spent primarily painting, drawing, and falling asleep in Art History. I've painted on and off for many years. I hope to have a gallery show one day soon. (You're all invited!)

Please feel free to email me at if you have questions or concerns about Adjectives & Expletives. There is nothing on here intended to rip anyone off or hurt anyone's feelings. Please note: I have a no @sshole policy. I simply ask for kindness and zero spam or solicitation. You can subscribe to my blog or follow me on social media using the links below. Thanks for reading! 

- Carey

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